GAZTROGOODS is a site I decided to start in 2016. One year experience in food photography encourages me to build my own site. However I still need another experience in food photography to improve skill. Because of that, I hope the presence of this site I will keep my trying to improve mine. I will improve every single skill of mine in every photo shoot I did (yeah eating will be my photo shoot, café, resto, and food stall will be my studio perhaps :P). If you have anything to ask, you can ask me directly via direct message, line twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. Inviting me for your food or culinary project’s photo shoot will be my pleasure :)

GAZTROGOODS is basically contains two words. GAZTRO and GOODS. GAZTRO comes from gaster in Latin which means lambung in Bahasa Indonesia or maybe stomach in a common English. I choose that word because I want to represent myself as a medical student or doctor in the future. At first I think that is too self-centered to use gastro to only represent myself as a medical student since this blog wouldn’t contain something medically relevant. But who cares hehehe. I think it would be more self-centered to use part of my name on it hehehe. And I use ‘AZ’ in GAZTRO instead the common gastro because I want to share you A – Z (all about) food and photography and both (I hope).

GOODS come from good hehehe (of course). Why I amusing ‘S’? Because I believe there will be so many foods taste delicious and good for us. And I decided to use good because I am little bit obsessed with ‘G’ because it is the first letter of my name. So why GAZTROGOODS? Because I want you to know everything good for your tummy. Good here means delicious not healthy or medically relevant hehehe.

This site will share some information about food around Surabaya. Here I want to tell my eating experience in some café, resto, coffee shop, and etc in Surabaya. I wanna tell you my own judgments and opinion. People sometimes have their own taste, right? I just wanna help you with some information related to your destination here. So it’s your own right to agree with me or not, okay? I will write both in English and Indonesia because I am not very good at English actually hehe. Besides that, I wanna share my newbie food photography project here so I hope it also can inspire many people out there. I hope this site will last longer, people will notice my work and maybe GAZTROGOODS will be my studio in the future, right? Aamiin.


Food curator wannabe,